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Drypoint is an intaglio process where the plate is drawn into directly with a sharp tool. Ink is then pushed into the grooves made by the tool and the surface of the plate is wiped clean. The plate is then printed onto damp paper using an etching press.

Etching is an intaglio process where the plate is etched in acid and then printed the same way as a drypoint.

Monotypes are, as their name implies, one-of-a-kind images. A monotype begins with a completely blank plate and is often called "the painterly print" because of the freedom of means inherent in the technique. The artist may paint or roll ink onto the plate, manipulate the ink with various tools, remove the ink totally in places, layer one colour over another. The artist may also print on the same paper in successive layers. But because there are no permanent marks on the plate, it is not possible for the artist to create multiples of the image.


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