Lilies and Reflections
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water lilies and reflections printed on metal

Lilies and Reflections

Dye sublimation fine art print on aluminium

Edition of 10
80cm x 45cm x 0.12cm signed on reverse

This piece is made by using ‘dye-sublimation’ to fuse the image on to metal.  The term ‘sublimation’ describes the transition of a substance (in this case, the special inks) directly from the solid to the gas phase without becoming a liquid first.

The 8 dye sublimation inks used for the production of ‘Lilies & Reflections’ consist of a solid and heat intensive dye. The artwork, in this case, an original hand-made solar etching, was scanned and then printed as a Giclee print using these inks, on to transfer paper, which is then applied to a specially coated 1.2mm aluminium panel. Using both heat and pressure the dye particles change into a gas, bond with the polymers in the aluminium, and then change back into a solid state; fusing the image and aluminium together.

This printing process produces images on aluminium with an outstanding depth and intensity of colour which are archival, highly resilient and require no additional glass, acrylic, lamination or coating to protect them. The dye sublimation process renders images waterproof, abrasion resistant, fire resistant and chemical resistant – making artwork suitable for almost any interior or exterior environment.

The original solar etching from which this piece was made will not be editioned or sold.


Dye sublimation